What does it mean?

What is the definition of the function of an ingredient in an cosmetic product?

Absorbent: Ingredients that can absorb water.

Anticaking Agent: Helps the product not clump together

Antioxidant: Ingredients that help slow down/ prevent deterioration of product due to chemical reactions with oxygen.

Binder: Holds together ingredients.

Bulking Agents: Helps increase the weight/ volume of the product.

Chelating Agent: Ingredients that stabilise the product by reacting or forming complexes with metal ions.

Colourants: Ingredients that provides colours to the product.

Emollient: Ingredients that softens and smooths the skin.

Emulsifier: Ingredients that promotes the formation of non-miscible liquids e.g. Water and Oil.

Film Former: Ingredients that help create a film on your skin/ hair/ lips.

Humectant: Ingredients that holds and locks in moisture.

Perfume: Ingredients that give off a scent.

Preservative: Ingredients that inhibit the formation of micro-organism/ bacteria in the product.

Skin Conditioner: Ingredients that helps maintains the skin in good condition.

UV Filter: Ingredients that filters out certain UV rays.

Viscosity Controller: Ingredients that increases or decreases the thickness of the product.